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more images!

2015-07-15 22:30:48 by grieverbravin

Posted a few new pictures recently, seeing I've been figuring more and more out on ways to improve quality of the image itself. hope those who see them enjoy!


2013-12-22 08:22:25 by grieverbravin

posted my first decent edit work to the art portal, but nothing else new really...

something in the works!

2012-12-05 08:32:48 by grieverbravin

well, I've been on here for a few years now and never really did much except play games and watch the work of others. But it's now time for a change! I've been allowed to help an artist on here for an up coming project as part of his writing team, and with what we have worked out so far, I think we're both quite optimistic on the finished results! I'll write again as things progress with the project, but do stay tuned to the portal for when this project is finished!

issuing a public apology

2011-02-21 19:07:16 by grieverbravin

ok, the purpose of this post is to issue an apology to the artist Muja.

Muja has released a game many have played, Street Fighter LoA.

Upon my first time playing this game, I thought that it wasn't really worth crap due to the learning curve on the game. today I have given the game a second chance, played it for some time, and would like to publicly apologize about my comments and words, as well as my review of the game.

After the second chance, I have learned that Muja has a very decent game here on Newgrounds and my words earlier were wrong. if Muja ever happens to read this, please know that I am sorry for what I had said in my review. if I could, i would change it to a 10, because you do have a good game.

Sorry Muja....

well.... looks like my original thoughts about a submission being posted was, well, wrong, in not so many words....

I'm going to be moving from where I am, and thus losing what access I had to CS5.... so it's likely to be a while before I'm able to try my project again.
Another issue I have is trying to learn how the illustrator works exactly, seeing that I'm trying to figure it all out on my own without any advance knowledge of the program and no real back up on anything either...
so yea, basically, I'm kinda fucked in around a month's time..
but that wont stop me! I do know a good friend who does seem to know some basics about the Flash Illustrator on CS5 and is willing to help me with something. most likely I'll just end up publishing one of my comics I do into a flash, just not with actual animations. just buttons for the pages or something.

Also, if anyone has any good sites they could suggest for good sound effects, character voices, or visual effects, they would be most welcome.


my quest grows closer!!

2010-12-04 02:03:26 by grieverbravin

well, after god knows how long, I'm finally on the verge of posting something here to Newgrounds! down side is I'm having true trouble on which project I wanna do.... I was thinking of either a normal 1-on-1 duel, a 2-on-2, or a triple threat.

Maybe I'll luck out and have all 3 of my ideas done around the same time and will be able to just post them all back to back. That would be a treat.

Either way it happens, I'm predicting my first submission, or submissions, should be on within 2 months or so. YES!

on a quest!

2010-07-17 16:54:22 by grieverbravin

I'm new to Newgrounds, but have been dabbling in sprite based comics for some time. currently on a quest to figure out how to do flash animation using sprites. its a slow process, seeing that I'm not familiar with the program really.... but that will not stop the likes of me! when I have something ready I'll load it on and hope I get noticed lol. Yes, I will be starting in sprite movies, due to influence by the likes of Alvin-Earthworm, R1665, and several others. Wish me luck!